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If Psylocke Joined the “Star Trek” Rebooted Universe…

madLEGOman has taken a beloved X-Men character and built her a fantastic Psionic Glider to scoot around in. I swear it’s Romulan inspired. [MORE]

X Marks the Spot

jaypercent has captured the likeness in these classic minifigs of Marvel mutants that one might, at first glance, mistake for no-holds-barred custom jobs. But upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the genejoke’s on you, because these bad boys are completely purist. [MORE]

No Universe Shall Be Spared

Have you ever wondered how AFOLs go about customizing minifigs? In this exclusive interview, Justin Fong of Tin7 Creations explains how he got into customizing and provides a special inside look into all the creative work that goes into his minifigs. Included are some amazing behind-the-scenes sketches along with some side-by-side comparison with the final work.