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The Hero Factory Hulk is Now Truly Incredible

NorbyZERO has done Jack Kirby proud by reworking TLC’s Hero Factory Hulk figure into something worthy of being called the Incredible Hulk. (Seriously, the original was pretty weak. Thank the New Gods and Asgardians for this redesign.) [MORE]

Brickworld 2011: The UPS Of The Future

Ka-GO has been following L D M‘s work on this MOC since this blog began. That’s how intriguing of a creation it is. It means so much to me that I actually employ my Jedi powers to try to get you to witness all facets of this inspired and inspiring vignette. [MORE]

BTB: Space Shipping Facility

Ever the overly-curious pest, I couldn’t resist pressing L D M for a little insider info about the in-progress “Space Shipping Facility”. I learned a lot about how he approaches projects and got some pretty good insight. On top of it all, I learned about a pretty cool contest to boot. [MORE]

If Only My WIPs Could Look So Polished

Flickr user L D M’s WIP puts my finished work to shame, let alone my unfinished shlock. [MORE]