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Look Who’s Throwing a Post-Apoc Bash

Thrashq4g of BrickWarriors uses this awesome minifig, the Post Apoc Shaman, to reveal a few of the new post-apocalyptic themed accessories the company’s cooked up for this season. [MORE]

Avtomat Kalashnikova 1974

Perry B has been hard at work building guns…out of LEGO. Take a look at this Avtomat Kalashnikova 1974 model that seems to have been painstakingly researched. [MORE]

The Race To Arm All Brick Warriors

Get ready AFOLville, because BrickWarriors has hit the scene in a big way. Now we can all get our hands on their unique goodies via their BrickLink Store. [MORE]

Me Want Many Minifig Miniguns

Did somebody just say 11-piece minifig scale minigun? That’s BrickArms for ya…innovating and creating for the benefit of FOLs everywhere. [MORE]

Because He’s Holding A Thermal Detonator…I Think.

bermudafreze‘s brick-built balls are a bounty of badass, ball-building business, baby. Booyah!!! [MORE]