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Nat Geo Goes Behind The Scenes In Billund

Thanks to FBTB, I came across this episode of National Geographic’s Megafactories featuring a certain little factory in a town called Billund. Take a peek and be sure to pay attention to the man robots behind the curtain. [MORE]

Just In Time For The Summer Blockbusters

You have to witness this fully-functional Super-8 film projector made completely of LEGO. [MORE]

LEGO Plays Well With Nintendo

Brucewaynelego provides this video demonstration showing that the new Nintendo 3DS‘s Augmented Reality games can be fooled into mistaking LEGO versions of their AR cards for the real thing. The proof is in the 3D purring.

Now Witness The Firepower Of This Fully Armed And Operational Battle [Tank]

Sighted on YouTube: The end of the age of humans as signalled by ABS plastic tanks of destruction. Martijn Hellemans demos his ingenious LEGO Mindstorms NXT battle tank in all of its multi-featured glory. [MORE]