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Gun…Dam…That’s Awesome!

ccy_8086 has blessed us with a LEGO version of Ryujinmaru that will have you zooming in to look for the well-hidden studs. [MORE]

Who Knew Mandalorians Mastered These Mean Mechs?

Mandalorian Basilisk? Who knew? Apparently SpyFlops did. Check out this MOC. [MORE]

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start

Cygnet UD is bringing it back…waaaaaay back…to a simpler time when this control pad transported us to whole new worlds, like 3-1, Hyrule, and Zebes. Combine some solid building with some Photoshopped embellishments, and begin gameplay. [MORE]

If Frogger Joined Metal Gear…

Check out Frogger 2.0, a fun little combo of minifig bits and tiny System pieces by Ironsniper Further proof that LEGO is a special toy that encourages a unique level of creative play. Ribbit. [MORE]

Welcome To The Jungle. We Got Fun ‘N’ Games…

ORRANGE STAHL has Killzone on the mind, leading to the creation of “Kaznan Jungle“. This MOC features some great building techniques as well as some pretty nice looking figs. A LEGO treat for Killzone fans or those of us who know nothing about the game. [MORE]

A Soul-Satisfying Sci-fi Scene

The Brothers Merz have been building an army, and this year’s BrickMagic witnessed its full might. Check out the shots of their award-winning display. You may be tempted to time-travel to the future just so to enlist. [MORE]

Where’s That Nintendo License, Folks?

AFOL Nintendo enthusiast wagner of the brick treats to yet another great MOC of gaming goodness. This time it’s a scene from “Kirby’s Epic Yarn” where our hero once again encounters Whispy Woods. It begs the question, “Where is that Nintendo license, anyway?” [MORE]

Greetings, Programs!!!

Nope, there aren’t any “TRON: Legacy” licensed sets coming anytime soon, but in the DIY spirit of building toys, Cygnet has produced this pretty stunning Sam Flynn figure. I hope someone at TLG is taking notes. [MORE]

Who’s In Command Here?

Thanks to my time at Bricks by the Bay last month, I was able to meet the good folks at Brick Command. This prompted me to offer Ka-GO readers the same opportunity to get some insight into what things look like behind the scenes at one of the great custom accessory houses.

BTB: Emile Can Now Say “Aah”

Ka-GO is honored to offer Cygnet UD’s first contribution, a BEHIND THE BUILD interview with master modder Pedro. This piece focuses on Pedro’s recent mod of Hazel’s Emile helmet from Halo Reach. It’s a great look into one of the best minifig customizer’s approach to the craft.