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The Best Solution to a Problem is Usually the Easiest One

Brickthing and [Lego Junkie] have released their collaborative Portal designs, and they’re simply brilliant. [MORE]

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Ragaru continues to carry a burning Legend of Zelda torch to bring the franchise to the LEGO world. With a CUUSOO project in tow and these impressive prototypes of Zelda characters, this might just be what the Impa ordered. [MORE]

Gun…Dam…That’s Awesome!

ccy_8086 has blessed us with a LEGO version of Ryujinmaru that will have you zooming in to look for the well-hidden studs. [MORE]

Beware the Stalker

‚ú†Andreas has brought the Stalker from the video game Resistance 3 to LEGO life. [MORE]

Times Is Hard

The Death of Universe” is a clever little dig at LEGO’s MMORPG venture by okayaraman. [MORE]

Now You’re Playing With Power!

Check out this LEGO Super Nintendo by lego27bricks. It’s captured all the details in some seriously clever ways. [MORE]

One Beast Of A Fig

Geoshift‘s little Futuristic Mercenary is everything but. Using a minifig and custom Amazing Armory accessories as a starting point, this AFOL’s artistry takes this character to whole other level. [MORE]

Who Knew Mandalorians Mastered These Mean Mechs?

Mandalorian Basilisk? Who knew? Apparently SpyFlops did. Check out this MOC. [MORE]

A Not So Big Big Daddy

Imagine™ offers us Big Daddy and Little Sister, the two key characters from the hit video game Bioshock, at minifig scale. If you think about it, it’s a pretty big challenge to cram enough detail to successfully communicate the spirit of such popular characters’ design. This FOL rises to the challenge. [MORE]