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TRON Never Quit…Why Should We?

Greetings programs! The new Disney XD animated series, Tron Uprising, brings new hopes to geeky AFOLs like ka.lego who long for a TRON licensed theme. Now seems like a good time to strike…for the users! [MORE]

Build The Grid…One Cycle At A Time

Thanks to the talent and generosity of builder Ewok in Disguise, we can all help construct Flynn’s Grid 2.0 in the Legoverse. Check out his step-by-step instructions on how to build a TRON Legacy Light Cycle out of ABS plastics. Ride on…for the users. [MORE]

I Have A 3-Inch Version Of You On My Shelf.

Cygnet continues to push the limits of digital minifig customization with this engaging disc battle scene from TRON: Legacy. [MORE]

Greetings, Programs!!!

Nope, there aren’t any “TRON: Legacy” licensed sets coming anytime soon, but in the DIY spirit of building toys, Cygnet has produced this pretty stunning Sam Flynn figure. I hope someone at TLG is taking notes. [MORE]