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Brickworld 2011: The UPS Of The Future

Ka-GO has been following L D M‘s work on this MOC since this blog began. That’s how intriguing of a creation it is. It means so much to me that I actually employ my Jedi powers to try to get you to witness all facets of this inspired and inspiring vignette. [MORE]

BTB: Space Shipping Facility

Ever the overly-curious pest, I couldn’t resist pressing L D M for a little insider info about the in-progress “Space Shipping Facility”. I learned a lot about how he approaches projects and got some pretty good insight. On top of it all, I learned about a pretty cool contest to boot. [MORE]

If Only My WIPs Could Look So Polished

Flickr user L D M’s WIP puts my finished work to shame, let alone my unfinished shlock. [MORE]