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The Mecha Martial Arts

torokimasa has been building fantastic fighting mechs for a while now. Check out this older White Croud and the many wonderful fighting stances it can take on. [MORE]

A Toyshelf To Die For

If you aren’t familiar with the work of -그리드-, do check out this shelf of MOCs that would’ve made the pre-pubescent me’s head explode. [MORE]

Special Products Highlight the Minifig

The LEGO world continues to move in a direction that places the minifig in a rightfully deserved special position within TLG’s product line. At least that’s how things are looking to this writer based on the pleasant surprise of these three new product offerings at his local LEGO Store. [MORE]

Autobots…Roll Out!!!

LEGO and Transformers fan, bricked one, has built the ultimate version of the G1 Transformers Optimus Prime that’s packed with all the details of the original toy and then some. [MORE]

Mecha In A Class Of Their Own

Fredoichi has been busy creating different classes of mecha, all of which are based on his elegant robot frame. Score one for the good guys. [MORE]

Masked Crusaders Working Overtime…

“Where my M.A.S.K. nerds at?” Apparently Orion Pax has answered the call with several MOCs inspired by this 80s toyline and its requisite commercials cartoon series. [MORE]

More Than Meets The Eye

Orion Pax is perhaps one of the most talented builders I’ve ever come across. A recent article in Hispabrick Magazine reminded me of his great work recreating the first generation of Transformers toys. These are definitely must-see MOCs.