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Someone Needs To Give The Future A Tug

It sucks to think that none of us will see awesome ships like the TUG by Pha][_,][_, (aka phallmaster) in our lifetimes. While we wait for Dr. Who to accidentally jumpstart the future, we can feast our eyes and imaginations on visionary MOCs like this one. [MORE]

Greetings, Programs!!!

Nope, there aren’t any “TRON: Legacy” licensed sets coming anytime soon, but in the DIY spirit of building toys, Cygnet has produced this pretty stunning Sam Flynn figure. I hope someone at TLG is taking notes. [MORE]

High Adventure Awaits

Check out the must-see steampunk vessel regally dubbed the “Buccentaure Mark 1″. (At least it sounds regal to this language-handicapped AFOL.) Zwitl’s outdone himself with this extremely fun MOC.

Beware The Sand Bats 29 Years Hence

In the year 2040, Dr. Inferno will rise from the desert to give the Agents a real run for their money. Take a glimpse into the future of one of LEGO’s best themes as MOCed by Hook Monkey.

The Legend of Pocket Man

Check out Flickr user Cunfuzzled Chinchilla’s minifig hero, Pocket Man. [MORE]