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Mecha Madness II: Day Seven

Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits is officially over and here’s the wrap-up of Day Seven. [MORE]

Mecha Madness II: Day Six

Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits is almost complete. After a slower weekend, things have seemingly picked up again. Click through to see yesterday’s Day Six entries. [MORE]

Mecha Madness II: Days Four & Five

This weekend’s entry numbers seemed to drop, but Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits continues nonetheless. Click through to see the entries from Days Four and Five. [MORE]

Mecha Madness II: Day Three

Mecha Madness II: Hardsuits continues. Day Three brought us a few new hardsuits that deserve your attention, so click through to see all the entries. [MORE]

Mecha Madness II: Day Two

Mecha Madness II continues, and here’s the Day Two offerings. Enjoy. [MORE]

Mecha Madness II: Day One

The Slushey One‘s annual Mecha Madness II kicked off yesterday with nine great hardsuit entries. View them all here. [MORE]

Big Ups To Bricks By The Bay

I plan on posting more about Ka-GO’s experience at the Bricks by the Bay convention later this week, but here’s a brief recap of what went down. Thanks to all involved in the planning and program. It was an extremely impressive production.

The LMB Academy Wants You!!!

TLC has announced the replacement for Brickmaster: The LEGO Master Builder Academy. The details of the program are pretty interesting, signaling a more savvy effort to teach design skills and exploration. Oh, and of course, there are some enticing bricks ‘n’ such involved. [MORE]