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This Turtle Wins The Race

Check out the M7:Turtle by JustinR.. This little vehicle packs a lot of design smarts in such a little package. [MORE]

It Has “Destroyer” In Its Name…

Heads up. The Dutspätz II is on the move. This Mobile Field Forward Destroyer by Moctagon Jones is one part artillery tank and one part luxury sports car. [MORE]

BTB: “Built Tonka Tough®” Redefined

Karf Oohlu‘s been a busy AFOL, tinkering away with a massive project that demonstrates the value of editing one’s work. Ka-GO tried to get a solid interview about the beastly MOC known as The Tonka Truck; this is the result. [MORE]

“Slushley Wood”, Anyone?

…in which our editor compares two fantastic artists, each working in a separate creative medium, while making clear aesthetic connections that others may see or could otherwise find completely insane or even offensive. Yeah, we’re talking about The Slushey One‘s awesome Vertical Tank being reminiscent of the work of Ashley Wood. Check it. [MORE]

Small, Not Simple (Pt. 1)

Part 1 of a 3-part post featuring three tiny titans of AFOL goodness. This first one comes by way of Imagination Customs’ Cubby Vauk-2, a deadly tank that that has garnered some ironic praise.

Now Witness The Firepower Of This Fully Armed And Operational Battle [Tank]

Sighted on YouTube: The end of the age of humans as signalled by ABS plastic tanks of destruction. Martijn Hellemans demos his ingenious LEGO Mindstorms NXT battle tank in all of its multi-featured glory. [MORE]