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A Steamy Pile of War

Isaiah.S has unleashed the Steampunk Battle Tripod on an unsuspecting historical timeline. [MORE]

Let’s See You Toss This Behemoth

I hope that Pate-keetongu starts a new MOCing trend with this Aul√ęthur Dwarfsuit mark 2.0, a wood-and-steel mecha piloted by a grumpy old dwarf. Fun-frakkin’-tastic. [MORE]

An Elseworld Honest Abe’s Batmobile

Fat Tony 1138 flexes his steampunk muscles with the Little Red Wagon from an alternate reality where Abe Lincoln battles evil with a super team. This feature-packed, highly detailed MOC deserves your attention. [MORE]

High Adventure Awaits

Check out the must-see steampunk vessel regally dubbed the “Buccentaure Mark 1″. (At least it sounds regal to this language-handicapped AFOL.) Zwitl’s outdone himself with this extremely fun MOC.

Rachetmen Beware

Last year, Apocalust revealed his ratchemen hunter, Volt Pistonwolf, to the world. Now that there is such a thing as Ka-GO, I’m glad to finally be able to share my love for it with other AFOLs.