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Duel Of The Fates

Legoagogo treats us Star Wars geeks to “We’ll handle this…” a fantastically built and photographed vignette depicting what is arguably the best five minutes of this disappointing Star Wars episode. [Whiny geek alert!] [MORE]

“R” Is For “Radical Form”

blast-T joins the 18th-letter-inspired-starfighter fray with this R-Wing Fighter. Yet another inspiring entry to FBTB’s Alphabet Fighter Contest. [MORE]

“R” Is For “Really Cool Cockpit”

This ROOK created Republic R-Wing Fighter is not only shaped and inspired by the letter “R”, but it pushes the boundaries of LEGO ship building with its different modes and unique, three-piece cockpit. Built for FBTB’s Alphabet Fighter Contest, this entry needs to be seen from every angle. [MORE]

This Ship Is F-Wing Awesome!!!

nate_decastro has a bit of a hit on his hands with the Incom F-Wing Class Heavy Starfighter. Created for FBTB’s Alphabet Fighter Contest, it’s fascinating to think that this is only one of several amazing MOCs competing for top honors. [MORE]

Who Knew Mandalorians Mastered These Mean Mechs?

Mandalorian Basilisk? Who knew? Apparently SpyFlops did. Check out this MOC. [MORE]

There’s Always A Bigger Fish

Master Bionicle / Hero Factory builder NorbyZERO offers his take on the Gunganese Opee Sea Killer‘s attack on Jar-Jar Bink’s submarine from “Star Wars: Episode I”. [MORE]

If You Strike Me Down…

These Star Wars are mind-blowing. The scale…the detail… Yeah, click through or risk falling to the Dark Side of the Force. [MORE]

If Minifig Luke Killed This Guy, I’d Cry Too

Luke Skywalker’s valiant battle with the Rancor is depicted beautifully here in LEGO by onosendai2600. Yes, we all need these instructions. [MORE]

Hell Hath No Fury Like An Ewok Scorn

Ewok in Disguise built a strong contender for FBTB’s Hybridfighters Competition with The Ewok’s Revenge. This ship’s inspiration spans all six Star Wars films and also manages to give us a sense of what a starfighter’s innards look like. Well played. [MORE]

Just How Many Lives Does A “Manka Cat” Have?

The Odd Manka Cat by Sydag was announced the winner of FBTB’s “Hybridfighter” contest. Just a quick look at this MOC and you’ll easily why this thing definitely deserved the win. [MORE]