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Fantastic Fantasy Faction Figs (Part 3)

Baron von Brick might be having a laugh (or not) when he created these guys and gave them the name “The Bronze Unicorns”. [MORE]

Powerful Proof Of Concept

KalSkirata treats us all to a custom minifig version of a Halo Spartan. In this case, when I say “custom”, I really mean “custom”…like cutting, gluing, and pasting sorta custom. Definitely a must see. [MORE]

BTB: Emile Can Now Say “Aah”

Ka-GO is honored to offer Cygnet UD’s first contribution, a BEHIND THE BUILD interview with master modder Pedro. This piece focuses on Pedro’s recent mod of Hazel’s Emile helmet from Halo Reach. It’s a great look into one of the best minifig customizer’s approach to the craft.