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Thank goodness Clemaul attended this year’s Nantes Utopiales convention, because now we have a chance to the amazing sci-fi themed MOCs that we missed. [MORE]

Some More Super Hardcore Red

SuperHardcoreDave is continues his red streak with the L1 – Commander, a vehicle inspired by spaceship concept art. [MORE]

I Want to See this Thing Shoot Space Ink

ROOK has gottan all curvey-wurvey with this entry into the CABGOIII competition cubbed the Mon Cal Viper. [MORE]


Orion Pax has fleshed out Jabba the Hutt’s throne room using the figs from 9516 Jabba’s Palace This serves as a great reminder of how far the LEGO minifig has come, largely due to the awesome customizing community. [MORE]

If Psylocke Joined the “Star Trek” Rebooted Universe…

madLEGOman has taken a beloved X-Men character and built her a fantastic Psionic Glider to scoot around in. I swear it’s Romulan inspired. [MORE]

Federation Muscle to Keep Blacktron in Check

Jasbury1‘s beating the Neo-Classic Space drum with the T-7 Galactic Federation Enforcer, a formidable looking ship that should keep Blacktron at bay. (Who am I kidding…Blacktron fears nothing.) [MORE]

A Ship So Clean It Hurts

The Viridian Comen has so many great things going on, not the least of which is the overall visual look and feel. Flickr user tardisblue has a built a truly unique spaceship that stands out from the pack. [MORE]

Neo-Classic Space: Grey, Blue, & Greebly

The LL1110-07 THRA BAR by T.Oechsner brings us back to a simpler time with some not-so-simple building techniques. [MORE]

“How…do I turn…this…thing…ON!?!?

Xenomurphy‘s character Skip Lemington is in a bind in this photo titled “Ottoaster 2000 (brought to you by ZenoElectric)“. It’s 50s kitsch sci-fi at its best! [MORE]

It’s In The Details

dasnewten proves the importance of having an eye for detail with the work put into the Dome X-13 Lightning‘s cockpit area. Clean. [MORE]