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Neo-Classic Space: In Search Of Uranium

This updated version of the old Uranium Search Vehicle not only manages to respectfully honor the original but also bring us into 2011. cjedwards47‘s design even fits in with recent official LEGO sets released for the Alien Conquest theme. Go Neo-Classic Space!!! [MORE]

These Blockheads Will Build The Future

Paul Evans – RG&B is onto something with his Blockhead Mecha as featured on Cuusoo. Hopefully TLG takes his lead and gives us a theme nearly this cool. [MORE]

This Dropship Doesn’t Mess Around

builder42 has been on a roll with his ongoing series of dropships. This time we’re treated to the CT-22 Lammegrier Armored Transport Dropship, a massive ship that looks like it can handle some gigantic cargo. [MORE]

The [Space] Man In Black

✠Legtayor✠ offers up the Canadian Biological War Suit for your review. Black is beautiful. [MORE]

It’s In The Details

dasnewten proves the importance of having an eye for detail with the work put into the Dome X-13 Lightning‘s cockpit area. Clean. [MORE]

The Yummiest Sort Of Alphabet Soup

FBTB brings yet another amazing contest to a close, as the voting commenced yesterday for their oft-referenced “Alphabet Fighter Contest“. [MORE]

What Up G?

Genghis Don‘s posted his entry to the FBTB Alphabet Fighter Contest, and this G-Wing Fighter is clever little one. Somewhat reminiscent of an old ghost, it has a lot of character for a starship. [MORE]

Taking Us Back To The Days of Star Blazers

The Viking Space Battleship by captainahnee is an amazing vessel that brings us back to the days of the giant anime space fortresses. Must see! [MORE]

“R” Is For “Radical Form”

blast-T joins the 18th-letter-inspired-starfighter fray with this R-Wing Fighter. Yet another inspiring entry to FBTB’s Alphabet Fighter Contest. [MORE]

“R” Is For “Really Cool Cockpit”

This ROOK created Republic R-Wing Fighter is not only shaped and inspired by the letter “R”, but it pushes the boundaries of LEGO ship building with its different modes and unique, three-piece cockpit. Built for FBTB’s Alphabet Fighter Contest, this entry needs to be seen from every angle. [MORE]