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This Time Loki’s Goin’ in with Bigger Guns

Yuri Fassio might have built something that’s Hulk-proof here. We’ll just have to see when this MXSC-R1 Pillar of Doom vehicle reaches Earth. [MORE]

Holy Ship!!!

The Polarcus Alima by Lego Monster is the sort of model that most of us will never be able to build in our lifetime. So check it out and live through this talented builder. [MORE]

Say It Three Times Fast

Si-MOC channels eastern ship-building techniques and architectural features with the mighty Quisquiliarum [MORE]


Orion Pax has fleshed out Jabba the Hutt’s throne room using the figs from 9516 Jabba’s Palace This serves as a great reminder of how far the LEGO minifig has come, largely due to the awesome customizing community. [MORE]


bikicsmilan‘s work is definitely on a whole other level. This cathedral is a perfect example of the amazing things this builder can accomplish. [MORE]

This Dropship Doesn’t Mess Around

builder42 has been on a roll with his ongoing series of dropships. This time we’re treated to the CT-22 Lammegrier Armored Transport Dropship, a massive ship that looks like it can handle some gigantic cargo. [MORE]

Taking Us Back To The Days of Star Blazers

The Viking Space Battleship by captainahnee is an amazing vessel that brings us back to the days of the giant anime space fortresses. Must see! [MORE]

Hot Off The Press

The latest issue of Hispabrick Magazine is out and it’s jam-packed with some really great articles. The best part? You can read it instantly…for free!