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“Puny God.”

Okay – Space Ranger is taking an awesome Internet meme to AFOLville with this smashing animated gif entitled “Puny God”. [MORE]

“Pain is erased when inflicted upon others.”

Legoagogo is flexing his scene-setting and photo manipulation skills with this stunning Gladiator scene. Breathtaking. [MORE]

Five Criminals. One Line Up. No Coincidence.

Shmails continues to build his brick-built “Movie Scenes” series with this take on The Usual Suspects. “Who is Keyser Söze?” you ask? Click to find out. [MORE]

About Six Would Do…

Fat Tony 1138 takes on the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise with his faithful rendering of the bone cage scene from “POTC 2: Dead Man’s Chest“. [MORE]

This “Stargate” MOC Makes The Show Look Good

Strangely enough, I like this MOC despite not really being into the television series that inspired it. Definitely check out the clever building techniques used on the Stargate itself by the talented legomocs. [MORE]