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A Beady Lil Bot

I present two slick Test E.C.A.L.s (Enhanced Combat Assault Lopers) as designed by the naughty Karf Oohlu. Silliness aside, this is a cool bot with a lot of character. [MORE]

“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

Sparkytron‘s seemingly upgraded Junkmaster 2.0 is ready for action. Bad guys and pavement beware. [MORE]

Autobots…Roll Out!!!

LEGO and Transformers fan, bricked one, has built the ultimate version of the G1 Transformers Optimus Prime that’s packed with all the details of the original toy and then some. [MORE]

Crossbones: The Nineteen-Time Galactic Astroboxing Loser

Morgan190 continues the Halloween figure fest with Crossbones: The Nineteen-Time Galactic Astroboxing Loser. [MORE]

Platforming In The Dark

Wimbe‘s are the first “Mecha Platforms” I’ve ever heard of, and I really think they’re a cool brand of mech. [MORE]

“How…do I turn…this…thing…ON!?!?

Xenomurphy‘s character Skip Lemington is in a bind in this photo titled “Ottoaster 2000 (brought to you by ZenoElectric)“. It’s 50s kitsch sci-fi at its best! [MORE]

Ye Olde Hard Suit

기사 / The Knight Hardsuit by〔Color〕is really a master class in hardsuit building. [MORE]

Mecha In A Class Of Their Own

Fredoichi has been busy creating different classes of mecha, all of which are based on his elegant robot frame. Score one for the good guys. [MORE]

Pa-da-pah-pah-pah…I’m Lovin’ It.

With “Mech Lovin“, witty builder Rabid Squirrel predicts the future branding decision of a major transnational corporation. My initial reaction was more like, “I knew it!” [MORE]

Capital Enn Pee You

Knobby Plastic is flexing his NPU muscles with this adorable MOC. “What is it?” you ask? Why It’s a Wittle Wobot, of course. [MORE]