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Ship-Shape and Brickstol Fashion

Vince_Toulouse has developed a knack for making pieces just flow with one another. This is clearly the case with his HD-Racer-01, a cool ship that is both classic and forward-thinking in its clever design. [MORE]

Federation Muscle to Keep Blacktron in Check

Jasbury1‘s beating the Neo-Classic Space drum with the T-7 Galactic Federation Enforcer, a formidable looking ship that should keep Blacktron at bay. (Who am I kidding…Blacktron fears nothing.) [MORE]

Saturday Morning On My Mind

Having a blog is a great way to shamelessly self-promote. Heh. Here’s my proposed new theme: The Adventures of Brick Rogers: The Galactic Girl from the 5th Cenury AE [MORE]

Freak Out At This Fantastic Fabuland Fun Fair

Flickr user Brickbaron‘s award-winning Brickcon entry, “Fabuland Fun Fair,” combines fantastic design and clever animation to bring us back to a simpler time when animal-headed minifigs roamed the baseplates. [MORE]

“How…do I turn…this…thing…ON!?!?

Xenomurphy‘s character Skip Lemington is in a bind in this photo titled “Ottoaster 2000 (brought to you by ZenoElectric)“. It’s 50s kitsch sci-fi at its best! [MORE]

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start

Cygnet UD is bringing it back…waaaaaay back…to a simpler time when this control pad transported us to whole new worlds, like 3-1, Hyrule, and Zebes. Combine some solid building with some Photoshopped embellishments, and begin gameplay. [MORE]

The Heart Of Classic Space Research

I know you’re wondering how those Classic Space minifig astronauts got all their science-y stuff done? Moctagon Jones offers an answer via a simply cool Satellite Ball. [MORE]

A Review To Seal The Deal On Alien Conquest

Is Alien Conquest any good? Is there anything to look forward to from this new theme from TLG? Well read this great review by WhiteFang to find out. Oh…”IMHO” and all that… [MORE]