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An Epic Realm of Brick Fantasy: No License Required

Alex P. / Sirens-of-Titan has been crafting a multi-chapter fantasy tome and building amazing MOCs as three-dimensional illustrations. If you’ve never seen this stuff, you’re missing out. [MORE]

A Minifigure Menagerie

Photobucket user jargoboy‘s been kind enough to share his plethora of LEGO Minifig Design Ideas for FOLs the world over to enjoy. You’ll be drooling over the possibilities. [MORE]

Nat Geo Goes Behind The Scenes In Billund

Thanks to FBTB, I came across this episode of National Geographic’s Megafactories featuring a certain little factory in a town called Billund. Take a peek and be sure to pay attention to the man robots behind the curtain. [MORE]

LEGO Designer Mark Stafford Pulls The Curtain Back

The Brothers Brick reminds us of their highly informative interview with LEGO Designer Mark Stafford and points the way to a new conversation with him via Comunidade 0937 [MORE]

BTB: “Built Tonka Tough®” Redefined

Karf Oohlu‘s been a busy AFOL, tinkering away with a massive project that demonstrates the value of editing one’s work. Ka-GO tried to get a solid interview about the beastly MOC known as The Tonka Truck; this is the result. [MORE]

BTB: Window Shopping Just Went To A Whole New Level

You may be familiar with Legoagogo‘s MOCs, but what happens when his creativity gets put to work on a whole new level. Get the inside scoop on how this talented AFOL took the recently released Pirates of the Caribbean and created a fantastic window display that not only catches the attention of passers-by, but also communicates how fun and exciting these new sets are. [MORE]

I Have A 3-Inch Version Of You On My Shelf.

Cygnet continues to push the limits of digital minifig customization with this engaging disc battle scene from TRON: Legacy. [MORE]

The “Minifigure Customization” Book Is Here!!!

The long-awaited comprehensive guide to customizing those cool little LEGO folk is out today. Kaminoan‘s aptly titled Minifigure Customization: Populate Your World! is shipping today both in print and digitally. [MORE]

BTB: Checkmate! How The Rook Won The Match

In what amounts to be one of the most extensive Behind The Build interviews to date, Rook offers an unprecedented insider’s look into one of the most intricate MOCs out there, a project aptly entitled “The ROOK“. The interview features exclusive photos of the building process and the many smaller vehicles and sculptures that are hidden in this gigantic space complex. [MORE]

Beware The Emperor’s Red Hand

Shobrick‘s top-notch MOC Photography needs to be seen far and wide. There’s much to learn about the possibilities of visual storytelling through the use of the camera, and Shobrick is constantly willing to teach us all. Here we focus on one fine example, “Stormtrooper Apocalypse“. [MORE]