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Look Who’s Throwing a Post-Apoc Bash

Thrashq4g of BrickWarriors uses this awesome minifig, the Post Apoc Shaman, to reveal a few of the new post-apocalyptic themed accessories the company’s cooked up for this season. [MORE]

Step On It!!!

Smile, it’s lego brings us this wonderful little scene, Desert Dash, that brings me back to the good old days of 80s action flicks and side-scrolling video game. [MORE]

What Is There To Hunt In A Wasteland?

Dirks_Designs has created a fantastic Huntsman minifig outfitted with a fantastic custom fur coat. [MORE]

Skiff Competition

SweStar has managed to create some serious sci-fi tension with this Post Apocalyptic Desert Skiff [MORE]

It Came from the Wasteland

Jason Corlett has created a particularly spindly character with his Wasteland Scavenger (v.3). [MORE]

Beware the Stalker

‚ú†Andreas has brought the Stalker from the video game Resistance 3 to LEGO life. [MORE]

The Hunter vs. The Hunted

Apocalust has created this beauty of a display for the Honolulu LEGO Store. Dueling mechish creatures rarely look this polished. [MORE]

A Veteran Of The Pale-Lands

Morgan190 explains his latest creation, Kaba Venti, Pale-Lands Veteran, invoking the old axiom about a dog being in the details…or something like that. [MORE]

We Don’t Need Another Hero

Mad Max was a character that made a powerful impression on me as a kid. This film defined the post-apocalyptic genre. John_0515‘s nailed this character. ‘Nuff said. [MORE]

Sheperdess Of The Waste

In Morgan190‘s post-apocalyptic universe, the Sheperdess of the Waste roams no man’s land with creepy little sheep in tow. [MORE]