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To the Batcave!!! (F’real!)

Wayne Hussey and Carlyle Livingston are flexing their nerd knowledge and LEGO building skills with this enormous playset of the world famous Batcave. [MORE]

Behold the Tower of the Moon

Cuahchic has managed to build a massive-yet-detailed playset that’s just begging you take a closer look. What are you waiting for? The Tower of the Moon awaits! [MORE]

A Breath Of Fresh Altaira

L D M has taken a stab at world-building with his Brickworld project, Altaira, a floating landmass suspended by pick-a-brick cups and a flowing waterfall. Must be seen in person to truly appreciate, I’m sure, but these photos and 360° video is as good as it gets on Ka-GO [MORE]

A Review To Seal The Deal On Alien Conquest

Is Alien Conquest any good? Is there anything to look forward to from this new theme from TLG? Well read this great review by WhiteFang to find out. Oh…”IMHO” and all that… [MORE]

I So Wish Ninja Would Go There

LegoManiac stays true to his name with this Ninjago MOC, a UCS-class dojo playset that’s both top-notch in terms of design as well as playability. [MORE]