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Say It Three Times Fast

Si-MOC channels eastern ship-building techniques and architectural features with the mighty Quisquiliarum [MORE]

About Six Would Do…

Fat Tony 1138 takes on the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise with his faithful rendering of the bone cage scene from “POTC 2: Dead Man’s Chest“. [MORE]

BTB: Window Shopping Just Went To A Whole New Level

You may be familiar with Legoagogo‘s MOCs, but what happens when his creativity gets put to work on a whole new level. Get the inside scoop on how this talented AFOL took the recently released Pirates of the Caribbean and created a fantastic window display that not only catches the attention of passers-by, but also communicates how fun and exciting these new sets are. [MORE]

You Need The Skull & Bones On Your Chest

To celebrate the launch of the blog, I’ll be bringing a few of these to Bricks By The Bay in a few weeks. Which reminds me, I need to register asap and get a vendor table. If you’re there, please stop by. If interested and able, please pick up a shirt and help me cover costs. Ha! [MORE]