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This Gives New Meaning to “Love – Love”

Hammerstein NWC has captured the action of a high-stakes tennis match with “Let’s Go Murray!” a dynamic sports-themed vignette. [MORE]

You Move Like They Do

icgetaway has captured some defining scenes from “The Matrix” with his series of vignettes aptly dubbed “Matrix MOCs “. [MORE]

The Sea Snake

Morgan190‘s pushing himself in several ways with this minifig, dubbed Octavia Fletcher, The Sea Snake. [MORE]


Master LEGO photographer Shobrick has been a source of inspiration for a while now. When I was given the chance to interview this AFOL, I was really happy to finally ask about his unique process. [MORE]

“How…do I turn…this…thing…ON!?!?

Xenomurphy‘s character Skip Lemington is in a bind in this photo titled “Ottoaster 2000 (brought to you by ZenoElectric)“. It’s 50s kitsch sci-fi at its best! [MORE]

“Pain is erased when inflicted upon others.”

Legoagogo is flexing his scene-setting and photo manipulation skills with this stunning Gladiator scene. Breathtaking. [MORE]

Duel Of The Fates

Legoagogo treats us Star Wars geeks to “We’ll handle this…” a fantastically built and photographed vignette depicting what is arguably the best five minutes of this disappointing Star Wars episode. [Whiny geek alert!] [MORE]

365 Days Of Minifig Fun

Andreas aka photography.andreas is on a mission to make LEGO photography both fun and beautiful. His current series, “LEGO Project 365” is the subject of conversation, as Ka-GO tries to gain some insight into his superb craftsmanship. [MORE]

About Six Would Do…

Fat Tony 1138 takes on the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise with his faithful rendering of the bone cage scene from “POTC 2: Dead Man’s Chest“. [MORE]

Who Doesn’t Love A Good Tiltrotor Gunship?

“Tiltrotor,” you ask? Yeah, I wondered that myself. builder42 has shared some great images of a V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor Gunship in action. There is a pretty impressive level of detail in this MOC, and it’s demonstrated with some well-crafted photography. [MORE]