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Showing Baby Cthulhu the Ropes

Imagine™‘s Lovecraftian MOC “Cthulhu Bite finds Daddy” is a sight to behold. [MORE]

This Could Be Wriggling Inside You As I Type

Rounding out today’s Isaiah.S trifecta here on Brick Something is the Black Fantasy Parasite, a creation so uncomfortable it speaks for itself. [MORE]

All In All It’s Just Another Brick In The Wall

Nannan Z. has something brewing. A new vignette entitled “01” popped up on his Flickr stream that not only indicates the start of something great, but also features quite a bit of clever building. [MORE]


Sometimes there just isn’t really much one can say about a MOC. Witness HEART of STYLEZ by Orion Pax for yourself. [MORE]

Who Knew ABS Could Go Green…Organic Even?!?

Could Cole Bl♠q be onto something here? Yes…I think so. Click through to check out his Amanita Muscaria, another entry in his budding Flower Power theme. [MORE]