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All In All It’s Just Another Brick In The Wall

Nannan Z. has something brewing. A new vignette entitled “01” popped up on his Flickr stream that not only indicates the start of something great, but also features quite a bit of clever building. [MORE]

Capital Enn Pee You

Knobby Plastic is flexing his NPU muscles with this adorable MOC. “What is it?” you ask? Why It’s a Wittle Wobot, of course. [MORE]

If Minifig Luke Killed This Guy, I’d Cry Too

Luke Skywalker’s valiant battle with the Rancor is depicted beautifully here in LEGO by onosendai2600. Yes, we all need these instructions. [MORE]

A Not So Big Big Daddy

Imagine™ offers us Big Daddy and Little Sister, the two key characters from the hit video game Bioshock, at minifig scale. If you think about it, it’s a pretty big challenge to cram enough detail to successfully communicate the spirit of such popular characters’ design. This FOL rises to the challenge. [MORE]

It Has “Destroyer” In Its Name…

Heads up. The Dutspätz II is on the move. This Mobile Field Forward Destroyer by Moctagon Jones is one part artillery tank and one part luxury sports car. [MORE]

This “Stargate” MOC Makes The Show Look Good

Strangely enough, I like this MOC despite not really being into the television series that inspired it. Definitely check out the clever building techniques used on the Stargate itself by the talented legomocs. [MORE]

Build The Grid…One Cycle At A Time

Thanks to the talent and generosity of builder Ewok in Disguise, we can all help construct Flynn’s Grid 2.0 in the Legoverse. Check out his step-by-step instructions on how to build a TRON Legacy Light Cycle out of ABS plastics. Ride on…for the users. [MORE]

Welcome To The Jungle. We Got Fun ‘N’ Games…

ORRANGE STAHL has Killzone on the mind, leading to the creation of “Kaznan Jungle“. This MOC features some great building techniques as well as some pretty nice looking figs. A LEGO treat for Killzone fans or those of us who know nothing about the game. [MORE]

BTB: Checkmate! How The Rook Won The Match

In what amounts to be one of the most extensive Behind The Build interviews to date, Rook offers an unprecedented insider’s look into one of the most intricate MOCs out there, a project aptly entitled “The ROOK“. The interview features exclusive photos of the building process and the many smaller vehicles and sculptures that are hidden in this gigantic space complex. [MORE]

A Little Mech Goes A Long Way

Less can be more. Smaller can be greater. These axioms are once again proven by the great Titolian—sorry, a regal Greek-sounding name like “Titolian” can’t be published without the word “great” preceding it—via this miniature mauler of a mech, the カメ-Series BattleMech. [MORE]