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I’m Dreaming of a White…Uh-Oh.

The mind of Isaiah.S can get pretty creepy as evidenced by this White Fantasy creature. [MORE]

To Wreck or Not To Wreck

SuperHardcoreDave is on a roll with this vibrant Wrecktor mech piloted by a cool Snake Person pilot. [MORE]

Say It Three Times Fast

Si-MOC channels eastern ship-building techniques and architectural features with the mighty Quisquiliarum [MORE]

Cleaning Up on CUUSOO

While some are “cleaning up” by getting a commendable 10,000+ people to pay attention to both their projects and the LEGO brand in general (many of whom aren’t dyed-in-the-wool FOLs, which I think is pretty good publicity for LEGO), it looks like The LEGO Group is quickly trying to do a little bit of “cleaning up” themselves. [MORE]

Check Out What Was A-Skulkin’ At Brickcon

NorbyZERO continues his wearable-LEGO collection with this Skulkin Skeleton Soldier Costume displayed at this year’s Brickcon. [MORE]

Xixaldi: The Omen Of Avarice

Today Morgan190 gave us Xixaldi, the Omen of Avarice, a must-see, mind-blowing minifig-like character that embraces the Morgan madness. [MORE]

There Be Dragons In Them There Hills

xxx zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz xxx [MORE]

I So Wish Ninja Would Go There

LegoManiac stays true to his name with this Ninjago MOC, a UCS-class dojo playset that’s both top-notch in terms of design as well as playability. [MORE]

You Need The Skull & Bones On Your Chest

To celebrate the launch of the blog, I’ll be bringing a few of these to Bricks By The Bay in a few weeks. Which reminds me, I need to register asap and get a vendor table. If you’re there, please stop by. If interested and able, please pick up a shirt and help me cover costs. Ha! [MORE]