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Showing Baby Cthulhu the Ropes

Imagine™‘s Lovecraftian MOC “Cthulhu Bite finds Daddy” is a sight to behold. [MORE]

I’m Dreaming of a White…Uh-Oh.

The mind of Isaiah.S can get pretty creepy as evidenced by this White Fantasy creature. [MORE]

This Could Be Wriggling Inside You As I Type

Rounding out today’s Isaiah.S trifecta here on Brick Something is the Black Fantasy Parasite, a creation so uncomfortable it speaks for itself. [MORE]

A Creature Crafted with Love

Karf Oohlu is no stranger to building Lovecraftian creatures out of LEGO. He’s scored again with the Spaghetti Monster (aka “The Cthulian Star Destroyer AZATHOTH”). [MORE]


The Series 3 Collect Minifig was all well and good, but nothing says King Kong like a giant ape climbing a high-rise building with a screaming blonde fig in tow. Thanks to rack911‘s new MOC, the big guy has officially arrived in AFOLville. [MORE]

The Bonemeal Hag

Beware The Bonemeal Hag and the temptation of her artisanal, organic, and locally grown human pie. Yes, Morgan190 has a twisted streak, and we all love it. [MORE]

Gojira Tai Mekagojira

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla” brings us all back to a time when giant beasts served as metaphors for nuclear destruction and aliens sent their own robotic beasts to show that their monsters are better than ours. Thank you very much, onosendai2600. [MORE]

Campy Horror Done In ABS

teruel211 provides us with a quick reminder of the many colors of the minifig rainbow with this “Color Racersphoto. [MORE]

A Deity Is Born

Lord Oblivion the Great has truly outdone himself with this Deity of the Temple. [MORE]