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BTB: Behind The Beacon

Legohaulic’s “Defense Beacon” manages to make 90° LEGO placement a thing of the past. Taking inspiration from a fun backstory and a casual reference to a popular video game, this builder has truly made MOCing an artform.

You’d Have Me Down On My Knees Wouldn’t You, Baracuda?

Jason Corlett’s struck gold on his 20th birthday with the idea and execution of the amazing MOC he has dubbed the Baracuda-Class Freighter [sic]. This behemoth of a ship is filled with enough trickery and detailing to rival an official TLC offering. [MORE]

BTB: Dropping The F-bomb

Nannan Z talks about Dropping the F-bomb without actually dropping the F-bomb, not to mention a pretty good lesson in MOC photography. UPDATE: This post also includes a video interview of Nannan featuring shots of his vast collection. [MORE]