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Der Zerstörer

Morgan190 gives us a space Nazi in the form of der Zerstörer. [MORE]

This Turtle Wins The Race

Check out the M7:Turtle by JustinR.. This little vehicle packs a lot of design smarts in such a little package. [MORE]

Ma.K In The Day

Ma.K, short for Machinen Krueger, is a genre of models from the 80s blending sci-fi mechs and ships with WWII aesthetics. The Ma.K Bricks Flickr Group, led by user-builder .Tromas seems to be championing the proliferation of Ma.K MOCs throughout AFOLville, much to our benefit. [MORE]

One Beast Of A Fig

Geoshift‘s little Futuristic Mercenary is everything but. Using a minifig and custom Amazing Armory accessories as a starting point, this AFOL’s artistry takes this character to whole other level. [MORE]

Who Doesn’t Love A Good Tiltrotor Gunship?

“Tiltrotor,” you ask? Yeah, I wondered that myself. builder42 has shared some great images of a V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor Gunship in action. There is a pretty impressive level of detail in this MOC, and it’s demonstrated with some well-crafted photography. [MORE]

It Has “Destroyer” In Its Name…

Heads up. The Dutspätz II is on the move. This Mobile Field Forward Destroyer by Moctagon Jones is one part artillery tank and one part luxury sports car. [MORE]

APC…Easy As 1 2 3…

Check out .Jake‘s first military-esque MOC in a long time. Pretty darn good for being so rusty. [MORE]

A Soul-Satisfying Sci-fi Scene

The Brothers Merz have been building an army, and this year’s BrickMagic witnessed its full might. Check out the shots of their award-winning display. You may be tempted to time-travel to the future just so to enlist. [MORE]

Now Witness The Firepower Of This Fully Armed And Operational Battle [Tank]

Sighted on YouTube: The end of the age of humans as signalled by ABS plastic tanks of destruction. Martijn Hellemans demos his ingenious LEGO Mindstorms NXT battle tank in all of its multi-featured glory. [MORE]