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Armour Like Tenfold Shields

Fat Tony 1138 has captured the likeness of the scourge of Lonely Mountain himself, Smaug the Tremendous, in this masterful Tolkien MOC. [MORE]

Beware the Jabberwock…For Tis Dangerously Cute!

Leave it to nate_decastro to make a creature that’s equal parts fierce and cute. Aww yes, feast your eyes on his Baby Jabberwok. [MORE]

A Creature Crafted with Love

Karf Oohlu is no stranger to building Lovecraftian creatures out of LEGO. He’s scored again with the Spaghetti Monster (aka “The Cthulian Star Destroyer AZATHOTH”). [MORE]

The Mimes Of Moria

Today Morgan190 takes us to Middle-Earth into the underground Haven of the Dwarves known as the Mines of Moria to introduce us to the oft-overlooked silent soldiers, the so-called Mimes of Moria, who helped battle the onslaught of orcs way back in the Second Age. [MORE]

Perun Véles

Today introduces us to the interpretive tale of Perun Véles, a Morgan190 original creepfest. [MORE]

Me Likey These Middle-earth Minifigs

6footFour takes us to Tolkien’s Middle-earth with a great set of custom, purist minifies, The Overlord and his Hobbit Shieldbearer. [MORE]

I Shall Not Die Of A Cough

Seeing one of Gothic Literature’s most famous scenes—the live burial of Fortunato—is one of those rare delights that comes with the perfect combo of LEGO and a little creativity. In pace requiescat! [MORE]