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The Great St. Bernard Pass Looks Truly Great in Bricks

michaelozzie1 treats us to a beautiful scene from European history of Napoleon’s French Soldiers Crossing the Alps during the Napoleonic Wars. [MORE]

365 Days Of Minifig Fun

Andreas aka photography.andreas is on a mission to make LEGO photography both fun and beautiful. His current series, “LEGO Project 365” is the subject of conversation, as Ka-GO tries to gain some insight into his superb craftsmanship. [MORE]

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Fine…

Profound Whatever schools us all on the elements and principles of art and design with this great homage to 50′s pulp sci-fi (and an episode of “Futurama”, apparently) entitled “The Machines Attack!” [MORE]

BTB: Dropping The F-bomb

Nannan Z talks about Dropping the F-bomb without actually dropping the F-bomb, not to mention a pretty good lesson in MOC photography. UPDATE: This post also includes a video interview of Nannan featuring shots of his vast collection. [MORE]