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Cleaning Up on CUUSOO

While some are “cleaning up” by getting a commendable 10,000+ people to pay attention to both their projects and the LEGO brand in general (many of whom aren’t dyed-in-the-wool FOLs, which I think is pretty good publicity for LEGO), it looks like The LEGO Group is quickly trying to do a little bit of “cleaning up” themselves. [MORE]

X Marks the Spot

jaypercent has captured the likeness in these classic minifigs of Marvel mutants that one might, at first glance, mistake for no-holds-barred custom jobs. But upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the genejoke’s on you, because these bad boys are completely purist. [MORE]

Anya’s Worst Nightmare

A YATES INDUSTRIALS has figured out how to make mecha cute with this superb BATTLE BUNNY. [MORE]

A Ship So Clean It Hurts

The Viridian Comen has so many great things going on, not the least of which is the overall visual look and feel. Flickr user tardisblue has a built a truly unique spaceship that stands out from the pack. [MORE]

The LMB Academy Wants You!!!

TLC has announced the replacement for Brickmaster: The LEGO Master Builder Academy. The details of the program are pretty interesting, signaling a more savvy effort to teach design skills and exploration. Oh, and of course, there are some enticing bricks ‘n’ such involved. [MORE]