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The Black Falcon

Day 4 of Morgan190‘s October minifig onslaught is a master class in minifig photography. The Black Falconis a mean sonuvasword, and today’s image proves it. [MORE]

Fantastic Fantasy Faction Figs (Part 4)

Baron von Brick has created a whole new race of fun LEGO fantasy creatures, the Shadow Pixies. [MORE]

Fantastic Fantasy Faction Figs (Part 3)

Baron von Brick might be having a laugh (or not) when he created these guys and gave them the name “The Bronze Unicorns”. [MORE]

Fantastic Fantasy Faction Figs (Part 1)

Baron von Brick has been busy building some noteworthy fantasy figs lately. In this first installment of a multi-part miniseries of posts, meet the Dragon Slayers. [MORE]

Get Off My Hill!

~Antimatter~‘s powerful vignette entitled “Get off my hill!” features a goblin defending his home against a crowd of panicked knights with a gatling gun. How can you not want to see this. [MORE]

A Truly Kick-Arsus Mecha

Kukus_ demonstrates some mecha-forging and no-rules building skill with the Arsus VI. Click through to access a ton of great shots and a great promo video. [MORE]