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My Best MOC Is 84 Studs High

This post has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I love my son. Definitely my best MOC thus far. [MORE]

A KFOL In The Making

Does the birth of one’s first son count as a good reason to break one’s regular blogging schedule? I think so. [MORE]

Big Ups To Bricks By The Bay

I plan on posting more about Ka-GO’s experience at the Bricks by the Bay convention later this week, but here’s a brief recap of what went down. Thanks to all involved in the planning and program. It was an extremely impressive production.

You Need The Skull & Bones On Your Chest

To celebrate the launch of the blog, I’ll be bringing a few of these to Bricks By The Bay in a few weeks. Which reminds me, I need to register asap and get a vendor table. If you’re there, please stop by. If interested and able, please pick up a shirt and help me cover costs. Ha! [MORE]

The LMB Academy Wants You!!!

TLC has announced the replacement for Brickmaster: The LEGO Master Builder Academy. The details of the program are pretty interesting, signaling a more savvy effort to teach design skills and exploration. Oh, and of course, there are some enticing bricks ‘n’ such involved. [MORE]