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Saturday Morning On My Mind

Having a blog is a great way to shamelessly self-promote. Heh. Here’s my proposed new theme: The Adventures of Brick Rogers: The Galactic Girl from the 5th Cenury AE [MORE]

Eight-Year Dark Age Broken By Big Bot

Forgive the gross display of editorial power, but I’ve been a little nostalgic as of late. Here’s the MOC by yours truly, ka.lego, that brought me out of my Dark Age in a big way. Definitely a clunky beast that suffers from some design no-nos, but still fun to look at after all these months. [MORE]

A KFOL In The Making

Does the birth of one’s first son count as a good reason to break one’s regular blogging schedule? I think so. [MORE]

They Say Digital’s All The Rage These Days

The Digital Minifigure Customization Flickr group wants you. Heh. On the heels of Ugly Duckling announcing its premature end, its fearless leader, Cygnet, launches a space for AFOLs to talk about and appreciate this generally uncovered aspect of the hobby.

Big Ups To Bricks By The Bay

I plan on posting more about Ka-GO’s experience at the Bricks by the Bay convention later this week, but here’s a brief recap of what went down. Thanks to all involved in the planning and program. It was an extremely impressive production.

The Shirt Off My Back

Just in time for Bricks by the Bay, I’ve released my first set of Ka-GO t-shirts. For the next few days, get a massive discount for being a proverbial Early Bird. Check it out.

You Need The Skull & Bones On Your Chest

To celebrate the launch of the blog, I’ll be bringing a few of these to Bricks By The Bay in a few weeks. Which reminds me, I need to register asap and get a vendor table. If you’re there, please stop by. If interested and able, please pick up a shirt and help me cover costs. Ha! [MORE]

All Systems Ka-GO!!!

This is the first ever Ka-GO post published at 2:22pm on 2/22/11. Welcome to the party. [ MORE ]