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Vignettes So Super They Need No Vowels

-Rein Dionisio- has established on ongoing series of Lego Super Heroes Vignettes that are all simple yet powerful in their ability to pack in some pleasant surprises. [MORE]

Bring Your Cthulhu To Work Day

Morgan190 adds a touch of Monty-Python-meets-Lovecraft to his Halloween Calendar with the whimsical pair of minifigs entitled Bring Your Cthulhu To Work Day. [MORE]

The Mimes Of Moria

Today Morgan190 takes us to Middle-Earth into the underground Haven of the Dwarves known as the Mines of Moria to introduce us to the oft-overlooked silent soldiers, the so-called Mimes of Moria, who helped battle the onslaught of orcs way back in the Second Age. [MORE]

A Beady Lil Bot

I present two slick Test E.C.A.L.s (Enhanced Combat Assault Lopers) as designed by the naughty Karf Oohlu. Silliness aside, this is a cool bot with a lot of character. [MORE]

Times Is Hard

The Death of Universe” is a clever little dig at LEGO’s MMORPG venture by okayaraman. [MORE]

Pa-da-pah-pah-pah…I’m Lovin’ It.

With “Mech Lovin“, witty builder Rabid Squirrel predicts the future branding decision of a major transnational corporation. My initial reaction was more like, “I knew it!” [MORE]

Classic American Portraiture: A Girl & Her Chained Demon

Nothing says independence and freedom like a little girl with a dagger taking her chained demon for an all-American portrait session at the local strip mall’s Olan Mills. Thanks rongYIREN for a healthy holiday chuckle. [MORE]

…If It Weren’t For You Meddling Kids

“And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids.” Ultimately, it was the predictability of Scooby-Doo that drove me away at a certain age, but my lack of familiarity with this custom minifig’s source material didn’t keep it from capturing my attention. Check out how Cygnet managed to give the Scooby Gang’s recent villain, The Woodsman, the royal minifig treatment. [MORE]

Sometimes “Fight” Just Isn’t An Option

WampaStompa offers a tiny vignette that really captures the spirit of the Series 4 Hazmat Guy. Truly an exceptional scene with some stunning details you really need to see to believe.

Epic Blog FAIL!!!

I humbly apologize for this day of Ka-GO FAIL. Server was down and only got worse when yours truly tried to fix it. Shame shame. To celebrate this fabulous turn of events, I submit this humble collection of LEGO FAIL.