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Aliens Conquered Comic-Con!!!

NorbyZERO showed off his Hero Factory building skills by wearing this awesome costume of the Alien Conquest Clinger on the floor at last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con. [MORE]

One Person’s Nightmares…Another’s Wildest Dreams

Leave it it a FOL named Lord Oblivion the Great to unleash this Beast of Terror on the world. [MORE]

A Toyshelf To Die For

If you aren’t familiar with the work of -그리드-, do check out this shelf of MOCs that would’ve made the pre-pubescent me’s head explode. [MORE]

An Epic Battle at an O.C. LEGO Store

NorbyZERO has pulled two of his best MOCs together to depict an epic battle dubbed “Hulk vs. Midnight Octopus“. [MORE]

Eye of the Beholder

~Felix the Cat~ apparently is so talented, he can barf fantastic Bionicle/Hero Factory MOCs, as seen by Refuel. [MORE]

But the Silver Surfer will Have No Part of It!

MortalSwordsman has taken a stab at a Silver Surfer figure that makes TLG’s Hero Factory Superheroes look a little kiddie. [MORE]

It Came from the Wasteland

Jason Corlett has created a particularly spindly character with his Wasteland Scavenger (v.3). [MORE]

The Hero Factory Hulk is Now Truly Incredible

NorbyZERO has done Jack Kirby proud by reworking TLC’s Hero Factory Hulk figure into something worthy of being called the Incredible Hulk. (Seriously, the original was pretty weak. Thank the New Gods and Asgardians for this redesign.) [MORE]

The Hunter vs. The Hunted

Apocalust has created this beauty of a display for the Honolulu LEGO Store. Dueling mechish creatures rarely look this polished. [MORE]

Check Out What Was A-Skulkin’ At Brickcon

NorbyZERO continues his wearable-LEGO collection with this Skulkin Skeleton Soldier Costume displayed at this year’s Brickcon. [MORE]