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Some creepy concepts are rooted in real-world horrors. Take Charles, the latest

Morgan190 custom Halloween minifig, which pulls at the heartstrings with overtones that remind me of neglected, abused, or otherwise alienated kids. [MORE]

Blaze Pixie

The Blaze Pixie takes my top award thus far out of all of this year’s Morgan190 Halloween Calendar minfiigs. Custom and existing pieces are combined to make a kick butt character. [MORE]

The Broken

Morgan190‘s new

The Broken figure makes purists cry, “Foul!” Whatever. [MORE]

Bring Your Cthulhu To Work Day

Morgan190 adds a touch of Monty-Python-meets-Lovecraft to his Halloween Calendar with the whimsical pair of minifigs entitled Bring Your Cthulhu To Work Day. [MORE]


The Vow-Breaker is a fantastic example of the value of subtlety and the clever use of materials …all par for the course for Morgan190. [MORE]

Perun Véles

Today introduces us to the interpretive tale of Perun Véles, a Morgan190 original creepfest. [MORE]

Sheperdess Of The Waste

In Morgan190‘s post-apocalyptic universe, the Sheperdess of the Waste roams no man’s land with creepy little sheep in tow. [MORE]

The Bonemeal Hag

Beware The Bonemeal Hag and the temptation of her artisanal, organic, and locally grown human pie. Yes, Morgan190 has a twisted streak, and we all love it. [MORE]

The Black Falcon

Day 4 of Morgan190‘s October minifig onslaught is a master class in minifig photography. The Black Falconis a mean sonuvasword, and today’s image proves it. [MORE]

El Hombre Do Los Muertos

Day 1 of Morgan190‘s annual 31 days of creepy minifigs brings us “El Hombre de los Muertos“, an homage to the calaveras of the Mexican cultural tradition of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). [MORE]