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This Turtle Wins The Race

Check out the M7:Turtle by JustinR.. This little vehicle packs a lot of design smarts in such a little package. [MORE]

It’s In The Details

dasnewten proves the importance of having an eye for detail with the work put into the Dome X-13 Lightning‘s cockpit area. Clean. [MORE]

One Beast Of A Fig

Geoshift‘s little Futuristic Mercenary is everything but. Using a minifig and custom Amazing Armory accessories as a starting point, this AFOL’s artistry takes this character to whole other level. [MORE]

Pa-da-pah-pah-pah…I’m Lovin’ It.

With “Mech Lovin“, witty builder Rabid Squirrel predicts the future branding decision of a major transnational corporation. My initial reaction was more like, “I knew it!” [MORE]

I Hope The Hero Factory’s Taking Notes

This Red Cog line of Bionicle / Hero Factory based action figures by FOL -B-D- would really set those systems on fire, in my humble opinion. Check it out and decide for yourself. [MORE]

Someone Needs To Give The Future A Tug

It sucks to think that none of us will see awesome ships like the TUG by Pha][_,][_, (aka phallmaster) in our lifetimes. While we wait for Dr. Who to accidentally jumpstart the future, we can feast our eyes and imaginations on visionary MOCs like this one. [MORE]

Brickworld 2011: The UPS Of The Future

Ka-GO has been following L D M‘s work on this MOC since this blog began. That’s how intriguing of a creation it is. It means so much to me that I actually employ my Jedi powers to try to get you to witness all facets of this inspired and inspiring vignette. [MORE]

A Soul-Satisfying Sci-fi Scene

The Brothers Merz have been building an army, and this year’s BrickMagic witnessed its full might. Check out the shots of their award-winning display. You may be tempted to time-travel to the future just so to enlist. [MORE]