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Let’s See You Toss This Behemoth

I hope that Pate-keetongu starts a new MOCing trend with this Aul√ęthur Dwarfsuit mark 2.0, a wood-and-steel mecha piloted by a grumpy old dwarf. Fun-frakkin’-tastic. [MORE]

The Mimes Of Moria

Today Morgan190 takes us to Middle-Earth into the underground Haven of the Dwarves known as the Mines of Moria to introduce us to the oft-overlooked silent soldiers, the so-called Mimes of Moria, who helped battle the onslaught of orcs way back in the Second Age. [MORE]

One Brick To Rule Them All

Baron von Brick has gone off-book for a little bit and created his own Fantasy world via our favorite ABS playthings. Here we have the Fellowship of the Ring in minifig version. LEGO Middle-Earth has never looked this good. [MORE]

Fantastic Fantasy Faction Figs (Part 2)

Baron von Brick has been busy building some noteworthy fantasy figs lately. In this second installment of a multi-part miniseries of posts, meet his deadly looking Dark Dwarves. [MORE]

Take A Peek At The Battlefields Of Middle-earth

Legoorci does a great job of taking us into the heart of a battle for Middle-earth in progress with “Burning Forest”. While the minifigs are great, I’m mostly captivated by this MOCs landscaping.