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It’s Just a Tool

FateHeart uses digital image editing like a pro, this time subjecting his United Earth Federation mecha to stunning digital paint jobs and decals. [MORE]

The Space Marines Want You!

Nick Royer of HJ Media Studios has caught a serious whiff of inspiration, as evidenced by his proposed LEGO theme, the intergalactic Space Marines. This is the theme I’ve dreamt of since I was a kid playing with mostly blue and grey Space LEGO. Witness the possibilities and support the project on CUUSOO so we can get these things made already!!! [MORE]

The Energy Weaver

Qu Coxxonii, the Energy Weaver is an otherworldly sci-fi alien creation by Morgan190 made up of some great leftover toy parts. [MORE]

The Horned King

The Horned King displays Morgan190‘s reversed-cape technique with malevolent results. [MORE]

Mograkai Technomancer

The Mograkai Technomancer continues Morgan190‘s world-building ways by introducing us to yet another member of the Mograkai horde. [MORE]

Perun Véles

Today introduces us to the interpretive tale of Perun Véles, a Morgan190 original creepfest. [MORE]

“Where does he get all those wonderful toys?”

Ka-GO contributor, Cygnet UD, has been a busy little Alfred armoring minifigs with outfits worthy of The Dark Knight. Thanks to him, now we all can have Batman and Batgirl minifigs from almost every era and Elseworld. [MORE]

J’onn J’onzz Now Hunts Minifigs

mnap73 is at it again with this fantastic digital custom minifig of DC Comic’s Martian Manhunter. [MORE]

If Frogger Joined Metal Gear…

Check out Frogger 2.0, a fun little combo of minifig bits and tiny System pieces by Ironsniper Further proof that LEGO is a special toy that encourages a unique level of creative play. Ribbit. [MORE]

I Have A 3-Inch Version Of You On My Shelf.

Cygnet continues to push the limits of digital minifig customization with this engaging disc battle scene from TRON: Legacy. [MORE]