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bikicsmilan‘s work is definitely on a whole other level. This cathedral is a perfect example of the amazing things this builder can accomplish. [MORE]

It’s In The Details

dasnewten proves the importance of having an eye for detail with the work put into the Dome X-13 Lightning‘s cockpit area. Clean. [MORE]

Classic American Portraiture: A Girl & Her Chained Demon

Nothing says independence and freedom like a little girl with a dagger taking her chained demon for an all-American portrait session at the local strip mall’s Olan Mills. Thanks rongYIREN for a healthy holiday chuckle. [MORE]

Brickworld 2011: Wie Spät Ist Es?

The online Brickworld 2011 coverage has introduced me to some great builders. A prime example is Kevin J. Walter‘s highly detailed Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. [MORE]

School’s Out For Summer!!!

Who doesn’t love a classic yellow schoolbus? This highly-detailed model by Mad physicist is great for celebrating the last day before Summer Break. [MORE]

Small, Not Simple (Pt. 2)

Part 2 of a 3-part post featuring three tiny titans of AFOL goodness. This second installment features a cool little satellite in search of extra-terrestrial life created by Professor McRackel.