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Just the Cling I’ve Been Looking For!

BrickStix has set a precedent with their line of removable and reusable static cling “stickers” for LEGO models. [MORE]

It’s Just a Tool

FateHeart uses digital image editing like a pro, this time subjecting his United Earth Federation mecha to stunning digital paint jobs and decals. [MORE]

“Where does he get all those wonderful toys?”

Ka-GO contributor, Cygnet UD, has been a busy little Alfred armoring minifigs with outfits worthy of The Dark Knight. Thanks to him, now we all can have Batman and Batgirl minifigs from almost every era and Elseworld. [MORE]

Throwback Jerseys Are All The Rage On Romulus

Check out the old school fashions on Romulus with this awesome Star Trek custom retro-Romulan figure by courtesy of JasBrick. Captain Kirk’s shaking in his ABS boots.

No Universe Shall Be Spared

Have you ever wondered how AFOLs go about customizing minifigs? In this exclusive interview, Justin Fong of Tin7 Creations explains how he got into customizing and provides a special inside look into all the creative work that goes into his minifigs. Included are some amazing behind-the-scenes sketches along with some side-by-side comparison with the final work.