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Just the Cling I’ve Been Looking For!

BrickStix has set a precedent with their line of removable and reusable static cling “stickers” for LEGO models. [MORE]

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Ragaru continues to carry a burning Legend of Zelda torch to bring the franchise to the LEGO world. With a CUUSOO project in tow and these impressive prototypes of Zelda characters, this might just be what the Impa ordered. [MORE]

Bo Shuda!!!

Orion Pax has fleshed out Jabba the Hutt’s throne room using the figs from 9516 Jabba’s Palace This serves as a great reminder of how far the LEGO minifig has come, largely due to the awesome customizing community. [MORE]

A Custom Fig that Shoots for the Sky (with a Gatling Gun)

PEDRO-79 continues to stretch what’s possible when it comes to custom minfigs. His Post-Apocolyptic [sic] Flight Soldier is proof positive that, in the minifig custom game, the sky’s no limit at all. [MORE]

Xixaldi: The Omen Of Avarice

Today Morgan190 gave us Xixaldi, the Omen of Avarice, a must-see, mind-blowing minifig-like character that embraces the Morgan madness. [MORE]

Mograkai Technomancer

The Mograkai Technomancer continues Morgan190‘s world-building ways by introducing us to yet another member of the Mograkai horde. [MORE]

El Hombre Do Los Muertos

Day 1 of Morgan190‘s annual 31 days of creepy minifigs brings us “El Hombre de los Muertos“, an homage to the calaveras of the Mexican cultural tradition of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). [MORE]

Here Comes Halloween!!!

It’s October!!! So that means Morgan190 is about to unleash 31 days of minifig bliss. Ka-GO is poised to take notes because, as we know, this always ends up being a master class in minifig customization. [MORE]

“Where does he get all those wonderful toys?”

Ka-GO contributor, Cygnet UD, has been a busy little Alfred armoring minifigs with outfits worthy of The Dark Knight. Thanks to him, now we all can have Batman and Batgirl minifigs from almost every era and Elseworld. [MORE]

Fantastic Fantasy Faction Figs (Part 3)

Baron von Brick might be having a laugh (or not) when he created these guys and gave them the name “The Bronze Unicorns”. [MORE]