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Honing One’s Craft

Brickarms‘ announcement of Railguns for BrickFair signals the dawning of a whole new era for custom accessories. [MORE]

Just the Cling I’ve Been Looking For!

BrickStix has set a precedent with their line of removable and reusable static cling “stickers” for LEGO models. [MORE]

Speaking of Chinese Ceramic Roofs

BrickTW, the custom accessory house known mostly for their minifig weapons and clothing based on feudal Chinese history, is branching out into custom pieces for architectural MOCs to go along with their fig accessories. [MORE]

You Move Like They Do

icgetaway has captured some defining scenes from “The Matrix” with his series of vignettes aptly dubbed “Matrix MOCs “. [MORE]

Probe! Mutate! Liquify! Disintegrate!

Brickforge is not only one of the great custom accessory houses providing awesome goods to FOLs, but the company is also naturally gifted at this whole marketing thing. These images of their Winter 2011 goods demonstrate my point wonderfully. [MORE]

Saturday Morning On My Mind

Having a blog is a great way to shamelessly self-promote. Heh. Here’s my proposed new theme: The Adventures of Brick Rogers: The Galactic Girl from the 5th Cenury AE [MORE]

I ♥ Me Some Minifigs

ka.lego waxes philosophical about Collectible Minifigs and shares an über-nerdy poster image combining promo shots of each series. [MORE]

The Race To Arm All Brick Warriors

Get ready AFOLville, because BrickWarriors has hit the scene in a big way. Now we can all get our hands on their unique goodies via their BrickLink Store. [MORE]

BrickWarriors Take To The Field Of Battle

Meet BrickWarriors, the newest custom minifig accessories house to hit the scene. This interview with the mastermind behind the operation, long-time customizer Thrashq4g, gives us some insight into the group’s production process and how the entire venture came to be. [MORE]

One Beast Of A Fig

Geoshift‘s little Futuristic Mercenary is everything but. Using a minifig and custom Amazing Armory accessories as a starting point, this AFOL’s artistry takes this character to whole other level. [MORE]