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Aliens Conquered Comic-Con!!!

NorbyZERO showed off his Hero Factory building skills by wearing this awesome costume of the Alien Conquest Clinger on the floor at last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con. [MORE]

A No-Brainer of a Combo

The 2012 Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention will be pairing their usual nerdy fare with LEGO goodness. it’s about time. [MORE]

Meanwhile, In Swindon, UK…

If you’re like me and missed out on this year’s Great Western LEGO Show in the United Kingdom, you’ll be glad to know that there’s an official GWLS 2011 Flickr Group highlighting many of the great models present. [MORE]

Freak Out At This Fantastic Fabuland Fun Fair

Flickr user Brickbaron‘s award-winning Brickcon entry, “Fabuland Fun Fair,” combines fantastic design and clever animation to bring us back to a simpler time when animal-headed minifigs roamed the baseplates. [MORE]

Brickcon’s Come And Gone

Many of us might’ve missed out on Brickcon, but thanks to the meticulous photo documentation of the event by rabidnovaracer, we can still get a piece of the action. [MORE]

Brickworld 2011: Master Chief vs. Brickworld

The title says it all. [MORE]

Brickworld 2011: Come To Fraggle Rock

Remember Fraggle Rock? How about the Fraggles little helpers, the Doozers? If so, check out this great sculpture from last week’s Brickworld via Flickr user Binary Code. [MORE]

A Soul-Satisfying Sci-fi Scene

The Brothers Merz have been building an army, and this year’s BrickMagic witnessed its full might. Check out the shots of their award-winning display. You may be tempted to time-travel to the future just so to enlist. [MORE]

Coming to a Con Near You: eclipseGRAFX

If you’ve been active in the online customization community, then you’ve likely heard of eclipseGRAFX, the AFOL whose custom lightsabers are legendary throughout AFOLville. In this interview, he shares his experience with setting up a custom minifig business and taking on the road to several LEGO events this year. [MORE]

Big Ups To Bricks By The Bay

I plan on posting more about Ka-GO’s experience at the Bricks by the Bay convention later this week, but here’s a brief recap of what went down. Thanks to all involved in the planning and program. It was an extremely impressive production.