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Gamma-Fueled Fighter Smashes More Than Sound Barrier

zane_houston has built this fantastic Gamma Raider for FBTB’s “Wings of Justice” contest. It’s smashing…incredible even. Yes, very punny. [MORE]

Do You Like Me? You know…like me, like me?

Ka-GO wants you…to “Like” us on Facebook, so much so that we’re giving away an unopened Hulk minifig to one lucky fan. Awkward? Yes. Fun? Heck yeah. So go smash that “Like” button already. [MORE]

I Want to See this Thing Shoot Space Ink

ROOK has gottan all curvey-wurvey with this entry into the CABGOIII competition cubbed the Mon Cal Viper. [MORE]

If Psylocke Joined the “Star Trek” Rebooted Universe…

madLEGOman has taken a beloved X-Men character and built her a fantastic Psionic Glider to scoot around in. I swear it’s Romulan inspired. [MORE]

Avtomat Kalashnikova 1974

Perry B has been hard at work building guns…out of LEGO. Take a look at this Avtomat Kalashnikova 1974 model that seems to have been painstakingly researched. [MORE]

The Yummiest Sort Of Alphabet Soup

FBTB brings yet another amazing contest to a close, as the voting commenced yesterday for their oft-referenced “Alphabet Fighter Contest“. [MORE]

What Up G?

Genghis Don‘s posted his entry to the FBTB Alphabet Fighter Contest, and this G-Wing Fighter is clever little one. Somewhat reminiscent of an old ghost, it has a lot of character for a starship. [MORE]

“R” Is For “Radical Form”

blast-T joins the 18th-letter-inspired-starfighter fray with this R-Wing Fighter. Yet another inspiring entry to FBTB’s Alphabet Fighter Contest. [MORE]

“R” Is For “Really Cool Cockpit”

This ROOK created Republic R-Wing Fighter is not only shaped and inspired by the letter “R”, but it pushes the boundaries of LEGO ship building with its different modes and unique, three-piece cockpit. Built for FBTB’s Alphabet Fighter Contest, this entry needs to be seen from every angle. [MORE]

This Ship Is F-Wing Awesome!!!

nate_decastro has a bit of a hit on his hands with the Incom F-Wing Class Heavy Starfighter. Created for FBTB’s Alphabet Fighter Contest, it’s fascinating to think that this is only one of several amazing MOCs competing for top honors. [MORE]